About the Rusty Blades

We are a group of adults who are learning to play hockey, and we're based at the Arkansas Skatium on Bowman Road in Little Rock, Arkansas.

We started with just a small group of us, maybe 10 or so, back in April of 2006, and since then we've had about 200 people come through and many are still playing.

Almost all of us have just learned to skate and play hockey as adults, although we do have a couple of people who are getting back into the sport after playing as a kid several years ago.

We are a very accepting bunch of people, so if you want to come out and try it, come on out! We have some extra equipment available to loan to you whenever you come.

We have also managed to form Arkansas' first women's ice hockey team, the Rusty Babes. Although our women play at home and away on coed teams, we also travel to play other women's teams. We are always wanting more women to join us!

If you would like more information, email Simone.

Some of us are willing to travel to play other Instructional League or D-League teams, and we would welcome other teams here as well, so if you are interested in us coming to play you or vice versa, let me know.